Jules Moon - Don't trust her!!!!!


I needed some help with a spirit problem in my home and I heard Jules Moon of Jules magick moon offerings could help me.She was very nice through the buying process but when the problems got worse at my house i couldnt get a hold of her.

No strike that I did get a hold of her once and she told me she wasnt a counselor and that her job was over.

I guess that's what I get for going to someone that says she can "conjure a spirit".I dont know who will read this that will benefit from my story but hopefully it will help someone.



I've been a proud customer of Jules for over 5 years, and I've have up too 10 different spirits whom Jules had summoned for me.I want to make it clear that her services are not that of a priest.

She cannot preform exorcisms or help cleanse your home however she does over spirits in which if properly bonded to can protect and care for you.I come from a line of Celtic witches and I find such a comment about one of my fellow friends as disrespectful as you were probably not aware of the necessary bonding and meditation need to receive your spirit and have them help you.


I have a few spirits from Jules (a Weredragon and a Bronwyn Angel) and they are awesome.They interact with me on a daily basis and I just love them both.

Jules was great to deal with, she responds quickly to questions and is super helpful. She even upgraded my shipping for free. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

I'm not sure why some of the other commenters have said such hurtful things about Jules, spirit keeping takes work on your part too, it's not a one way street so it may be more helpful to work on yourself rather than blame someone else for your problems.Just my 2 cents.

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she has always been great with me went out of her way always


Jules cant even read spirit vessels, she refers you to other people.How in the heck can you conjure a spirit if you cant do that?

How to you get names? Pendulum or make them up?

I think she sells thought forms myself.Useless junk!

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Im not sure if this is true., but I have received a hellhound from Jules a couple weeks ago and so far nothing has happened but positivity.I think she is awesome.

My hellhound is the most sweetest and cutest dog I've ever met. If you have a spirit problem., maybe you could try to connect with the spirit you purchased by meditating and visualizing a calm place and ask for them to show up and then when they do., tell them what is wrong and ask for their help? Im positive they should be able to help somehow and are good protectors.? Or ask your spirit guide for some help as well..?

If you are just doing this for attention and lying..Well then., u need to grow up.


Such an awful woman. I purchased from her

and I never received any items from her

she started harassing

me and swearing at me and saying she was going to report me

to the police and yes her spirit conjuring is bull ***

i lost my money and she was just horrid telling me

she would curse me and kill all those close to me

with her so called majick :sigh

if anyone see's this

do not approach her report her and block her don't make the

same mistake i made she is a scammer big time

and a huge suck up she pretends to be all sweet

and kind but the money has gotten to her head

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Indeed. I believe it's been proven that Jules, and any other sellers had nothing to do with the Cathy post. And, dragging Cathy down or any other seller for sport, or turning them against each other, is a disgrace.


Jules you should be ashame of what u r doin to cathy. I now it u sayin stuff in the post:(


A person who conjures spirits is not an exorcist.Two separate things.

So depending on the issues, a practitioner who conjures is not always the right choice to solve the problem of a malignant spirit infestation. Also, sellers of bound spirits or spell castings are not councilors, they provide a specific service. Even a psychic reader is not a councilor. If you want a councilor either choose a psychologist or an intuitive life coach.

Though some psychics might offer advice, they are not councilors.

A metaphysical seller of spells, spirit bindings, etc...is under no obligation to council their buyers in anything but how to use their purchases.

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I think it's so pathetic when people need to seek attention any way they can; negative feeds on negative.Positive on positive.

Whomever posted this about Jules Moon obviously has her/his panties in a wad and needs to take a look in the mirror at their own life. IF you have spirit problems...ever think that YOU are the one they hate and no matter how many people try to help you with your "problem", it will NEVER go away! The problem is in YOU!

I've only had good things happen when I've used Ms Moon...but then again, I'm not a negative Nellie, looking for drama and problems.

So hug a puppy, or get laid...

You so need stress relief.I pity you.

to No llama #658733

Same goes with you ,)

it obviously hasn't happened to you,

and you don't understand what it feels like to be lied to.

believe me think before you post

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LMAO people, people, people.Congratulations Jules.

You have entered the realm of the complaint board. I've had a real spirit problem in my home. I asked Jules for help. She referred me to a capable person, who handled the issue professionally.

Anyone want that person's name too?

That way we can add a fake complaint about them?:grin

to should of known #658740

....? are you high


first Cathy now Jules, someone has some serious issues to deal with and it's not the sellers , grow up, walk away , move on with your life. :x

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